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On the Issues

On the Issues



Because of government interference, the costs of higher education have skyrocketed and an entire generation is graduating into debt and limiting their opportunities. My priority will be making college affordable again, starting by cutting administrative waste.


We need to reject Common Core from being forced upon communities while expanding school choice, STEM options, restoring vocational training, and teaching useful life skill.

I will oppose any legislation which forces your daughters to change in the same locker rooms as men.

Home schooling will be protected, and I support home schoolers being able to participate in public school activities.

Public Safety

Keeping our neighborhoods safe places for our families is essential. We have an opiate epidemic, with more people dying from drug overdoses than car accidents. I support aggressive law enforcement and sentencing for dangerous criminals and drug dealers, and a rehabilitative focus for those suffering from addiction.

We owe law enforcement a debt of gratitude and must provide them with the tools they need to keep both them and us safe. This includes making body cameras available to all law officers to preserve evidence in court and protect officers from false allegations, as well as a pay increase to keep experienced officers on the force.

Gun Rights

There is no room for compromise in defending the 2nd Amendment, and I will support your right to purchase, own, carry, and use. I am proud of my “A” rating from the NRA.

Religious Freedom

The right to the free practice of your religion applies to both your personal life as well as your business. As your representative, I will protect this right. This means the freedom to pray in school, the freedom to choose not to do business in activities which violate your religious beliefs, and the freedom to not be forced to pay for programs and activities which violate your religion.

Taxes, Business and the Economy

The government should stay out of the free market and give businesses the opportunity to start and grow without heavy taxes and wasteful regulations. As your representative, I will work to keep taxes low so you keep your hard-earned money to invest in your family and in your business, rather than wasteful government programs.

Local Governance

Local governance is best, and communities should decide for themselves how they conduct their own affairs, and not have edicts forced upon them by the state. In particular, I will oppose any unfunded mandates.


Illegal immigration, and in particular, “sanctuary cities” which refuse to enforce the law, should not be tolerated.


I am pro-life and will fight to protect the rights of the unborn.

Supporting Our Veterans

We can support veterans in their transition to civilian life by letting their military experience and credentials be recognized as qualifications for civilian employment.


Ronald Reagan said, “Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.” This is particularly true with healthcare, and increased government interference like Obamacare has only worsened the issue. The last thing we need is more government. Instead, what we need to do is restore the free market principles to healthcare, so consumers can benefit from healthy competition.

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