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Campaign Press Release

Campaign Press Release



Matt C. Pinsker Declares His Candidacy for the House of Delegates in the 56th District


An Army JAG, Homeland Security Expert and VCU Professor, Pinsker Promises to Deliver “Dynamic Conservative Leadership” to the General Assembly


DATE: March 15, 2017

CONTACT: Matt Pinsker, mattpinsker4delegate@gmail.com or 804-300-0581


Henrico County, Virginia (March 15, 2017): Matt Pinsker, a 29 year old business owner, Army Captain, homeland security expert, and legal professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, announced his candidacy today for the Republican primary in the Virginia House of Delegates in the 56th District, with a promise to focus on education and public safety. “I’ve lived right here all my life,” said Pinsker, who attended Mills E. Godwin High School (and whose mother attended Douglas Freeman).  “This is my home – where my wife and I hope to raise our family, one day.  In addition to serving in the military, I’m also a small business owner, and I’m running because I’m 100 percent dedicated to building a community that’s safe, prosperous and full of opportunity for our friends and loved ones.”

Pinsker graduated from the College of William & Mary and currently owns and operates a successful law firm.  Pinsker followed in the footsteps of his father, a Lieutenant Colonel (retired) in the U.S, Army, who also lives in the greater Richmond area, when he was selected for the Army Judge Advocate Generals (JAG) Corps.  In addition to serving in the Army Reserves and running a small business, he is an Adjunct Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University. A noted expert in homeland security, he has taught the subject since 2013 and has a textbook scheduled for publication by the prestigious Carolina Academic Press. Many of his students have gone on to serve in law enforcement and the military.

Pinsker is a longtime conservative advocate and member of the Republican Party: He joined the Henrico County Republican Committee in 2003, and was once state chairman of the Teenage Republicans of Virginia. Over the years, he has both worked on numerous campaigns and advocated for many conservative causes with a focus on veterans and protecting individual liberties from government overreach. Politically Mr. Pinsker refers to himself as a “conservative Republican” who is “strongly pro-individual and religious rights.” Among his legislative priorities are expanding school choice, stopping the skyrocketing costs of college, and providing law enforcement with the tools they need to combat the area’s opiate epidemic.

Pinsker was also effusive in his praise of the outgoing delegate, Peter Farrell: “Delegate Farrell has done an outstanding job in representing his constituents, and I hope to continue his tireless work for our community.  This means supporting law enforcement, creating economic opportunity, promoting education and defending common-sense conservative principles, like gun rights and school choice.  This community is a wonderful place, and I firmly believe that the best is yet to come.”



Voting is on June 13.


For more information about Matt C. Pinsker, you can visit his website while it is under construction: http://www.pinsker4delegate.com


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